M~M2014 - Geelong's 24 Hour Extreme Arts Walk - Artistic Director Meme McDonald

"M~M2014 was a 24 hour, 80 kilometre walk from the top of the You Yangs to the mouth of the Barwon River beginning on the afternoon of Friday May 9th and concluding the next day a dusk on May 10th 2014.  From ancient rock waterhole at Big Rock, across grasslands under the night sky, then through industrial zones to the city centre and Geelong After Dark resting overnight to begin again at dawn beside parklands, across rolling farmlands, along ocean beach to river estuary and foreshore, this is an astounding arts events. M~M Walk connects people with land and with each other, embracing arts, environment, sport and community in its pathway."  Meme McDonald - Artistic Director

‘In M~M2014 we walk the land through night and day as those before us have done for thousands of years.  And yet we walk the land like never before.  No one has walked this contemporary songline across Geelong until now.  Images of beauty - of bushland and industrial heartland, of city centre and rolling farmlands, of quiet places and those exploding with activity, of ceremonies of welcome for Canoe carrying water from ancient waterhole at Big Rock 80km to river mouth - all these will be landmarked in our memory for years to come.’  Meme McDonald

M~M2014 Highlights Video

M~M2014 and Geelong After Dark on Pulse TV Geelong

M~M2014 Postcard