Mouth to Mountain 2009

"Inspiration for creating a contemporary ‘songline’ came from the land. It came in answer to the question of what connects us as a community? Starting thousands of years ago in Aboriginal cultures, songs and chants were created as a way of mapping this country, as a way of navigating from one place to another. The idea of an arts journey from the mouth of the Barwon River to the top of the You Yangs was inspired by this idea of mapping - connecting communities through performance, artwork, dance, music, visuals and stories. M~M 2009 was the journey made from dawn to dusk by over 2,000 people on May 9th, 2009 across the City of Greater Geelong and a team of artists with the ear and the insight for creating beauty in unknown spaces."   Meme McDonald - Artistic Director

"…As with the outdoor spectacles of Peter Brook, which recreate myths and legend in elemental spaces, this was an embodiment of history and tradition…"  Michael Shmith, The Age Review, Mouth to Mountain May 2009.