The Way of the Birds

Come close. Listen.

This is a story about a girl and a curlew... 

...a girl who speaks the language of birds, and a curlew on the long migration from it's birthplace.

Travel the way of the birds, over islands and oceans, following the wetlands across the world, as child and bird together make their precarious journey towards maturity.

Meme McDonald's evocative story lets you look through the eyes of a bird, to see with a new sense of wonder.

 (Currently out of print)


Sister Chick

Once, not long ago, and in a place not far from here, a baby girl was born. In that same moment, in a place far away on the other side of the world, an egg cracked. The tip of a tiny beak poked through, and a curlew chick was born. Sister Chick.

Eva dreams of places far beyond her own backyard. While other kids go by, fooling around with their friends, Eva is watching, listening for the call of a curlew flying high overhead; waiting for the bird with the long slender beak. And when the curlew finally comes, Eva goes on a magical journey, flying with Sister Chick from the distant marshlands of Siberia to the ancient southern land of Australia.

Sister Chick is a lyrical story about a young girl and a curlew, and the way they change each other’s lives.